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Frequently Asked Questions

How much is shipping for machines?
Shipping is free for machines to anywhere in the continental us (excludes Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico, Etc..)

Can you ship a machine to a country that is not in the United States?
-Yes, we ship internationally. If you are interested contact us at for a quote.

Do you accept any form of payment other than Paypal?
-Yes, we can take wired funds, cashier's checks, cash, and just about anything else of value. If you want to pay in a form other than google checkout contact us to set up a payment.

I'm interested in one of your machines, but I'm worried about spending so much without seeing what I'm purchasing. Can you send me pics?
-Please feel to contact us to get more information or pictures for a machine or item! If you want to see it in person contact us at to set up an appointment to come to our office in Belton, SC.

I really want to make a purchase, but I'm on a tight budget - can you help me out a bit?
-Well we are proud to be a flexible company, so if you let us know what you have we can try and work with you. We have some money saving options available like at site pickup and dropping some extras. And although we only sell the highest quality machines sometimes we get a that is not up to our standards, but is still in fine working order.

There's a pachinko machine (or other item) in Japan right now that I really want for my collection, can you get it for me?
-We can look into importing just about any items you want straight from Japan. Just let us know what it is and give us a description and we will look into it. Go to our contact page for more information or a quote.

One of your competitors told me that you might be selling ball bearings and marketing them as pachinko balls - is that true?
-Of course its not true! All of our balls are from Japan and most have been especially engraved with the names of the parlors they came from. Not only is the false information but it doesn't make any sense because the price of having ball bearings made to the proper specifications for use in pachinko machines is more than it costs to import them from Japan.

What is your shipping policy?
-Large packages are shipped via Fedex. Small and heavy packages are sent using USPS. Most packages go out in under 2-3 business days depending on what is ordered.

Free Machine Contest - Rules and Restrictions:
- Contest is open in the United States to the continental 48 states only. Contest is void where prohibited by law. Prize is not exchangable for its equivalent cash value and for the purposes of this contest only prize value is to be equal to $0.01. Winner must agree to provide pictures of themselves with prize and release personal identifying information (name, city... etc. ) to be posted online as promotional material as seen fit by and Electric city entertainment, LLC without restrictions. All shipping and fees are included. Winner will be chosen by random number generator from pool of likes, posts and other forms of promotion on different online mediums including, but not limited to Facebook, Twitter, personal blogs, Reddit and YouTube. Only one entry allowed per distinct medium (I.E. a facebook and blog post count as two entries total, but two tweets on twitter is only one single entry). Robotically created posts, spamming, or other forms of dishonest or abusive mass entry will result in disqualification from this and future contests. Total entries will be limited to 20 per contestant. Contestants must like and/or post only on/from pages and accounts in which the contestant is the sole operator. All eligible entries must include an active hyperlink to and be globally visable and permanent (not hidden from the public, obscured or removed in any way) and must also have active web traffic. Entries on dead or poorly trafficked websites or pages will be void and contestant may be marked as ineligible at the contest providers discretion. To be included as an entry or entries send a link or list of links to via email entitled Free Machine Contest Ending along with the contest end date before the end date of posted contest to be considered offical entries. Contest begins from date of announcement on to the end on the end date posted on the announcement image located next to the Akimono Banner. Contestants must be 18 years or older to participate. Members and affiliates of and/or Electric City Entertainment, LLC or other entities linked to the company or its operation are not eligible from entry. Winner will be checked for eligibility before prize is delivered and must agree to all terms of contest to be eligible. If prize winner is not eligible a new winner will be chosen at random until a eligible winner is selected. Contest may be modified, duplicated, canceled or extended without notice or any or no reason. There are no entry fees and purchase is not required for entry. We do not accept responsibility for entries not received. Prize is subject to availability and we reserve the right to substitute prize without notice. Prize is not transferrable. We are not responsible for false, innaccurate, or misleading details posted on third party sites. Winner will be notified by email within 28 days after contest end.