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International Shipping

Do you need to ship something outside the continental US?
Then we have several options to help you out. If you are purchasing a single package click here to contact us and we will get you a quote using Fedex for the shipping cost. Most machines shipped internationally cost between $600 and $900 to ship, but it depends on location.

If you prefer you can even arrange your own shipping as long as it is picked up at our warehouse. To do so just contact us to make arrangements. To get quotes a standard pachinko or pachislo machine when packed weighs approximately 100 lbs and is 36x24x20 inches. They will be shipped from US zip code 29627.

If you plan on purchasing a larger order (3 or more machines) we can also arrange for ocean freight via a forwarder. Please keep in mind that this can take several days to get a quote to port and even longer for a quote for a package shipped to your door.